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The House in the Museum Garden

12 April to 30 October 1949

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Antonio Bonet
Spanish, 1913–1989
5 exhibitions
Benjamin Baldwin
American, 1913–1993
5 exhibitions
Vagn Larsen
1 exhibition
Lord & Taylor
1 exhibition
Harry Goldman
1 exhibition
Jorge Ferrari Hardoy
Argentine, 1914–1977
5 exhibitions
Bazaar Français
1 exhibition
Crane Co.
3 exhibitions
W.C. Vaughn Co.
1 exhibition
Wadley & Smythe
1 exhibition
Speakman Company
1 exhibition
Simmons Company
1 exhibition
Eero Saarinen
American, born Finland. 1910–1961
21 exhibitions
Pryne & Co., Inc.
1 exhibition
Philco Corporation
2 exhibitions
William Machado
4 exhibitions
Juan Kurchan
Argentine, 1913–1975
3 exhibitions
J.J. Haggerty, Inc.
1 exhibition
Hope's Window, Inc.
1 exhibition
Eszter Haraszty
American, born Hungary. 1920–1994
2 exhibitions
H. Nils
1 exhibition
General Electric Co.
2 exhibitions
Charles Eames
American, 1907–1978
25 exhibitions
Arundell Clarke
8 exhibitions
Marcel Breuer
American, born Hungary. 1902–1981
30 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


25 September 1949

PROBLEM OF LAMPS; Discussion of Function They Should Perform

By Marcel BREUER

PROBABLY no other home furnishing accessory today is so unsuited to its purpose, esthetically and functionally, as the lamp. We have lamps made like flowers, like swans, like works of art, on the one hand -- or symbols of chromium philosophy, on the other.

New York Times • page XX19 • 639 words