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New Acquisitions: American Drawings

18 February to 5 April 1942

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William Zorach
American, 1889–1966
45 exhibitions
Emil Ganso
American, 1895–1941
6 exhibitions
Jan Matulka
American, 1890–1972
7 exhibitions
Emile Branchard
American, 1881–1938
3 exhibitions
John Storrs
American, 1885–1956
6 exhibitions
Eugene Speicher
American, 1883–1962
15 exhibitions
Charles Sheeler
American, 1883–1965
85 exhibitions
Jules Pascin
American, born Bulgaria. 1885–1930
41 exhibitions
William Littlefield
4 exhibitions
Richard Lahey
American, 1893–1978
1 exhibition
Walt Kuhn
American, 1877–1949
28 exhibitions
Leon Kroll
American, 1884–1974
5 exhibitions
Bernard Karfiol
American, 1886–1952
17 exhibitions
George Overbury ("Pop") Hart
American, 1868–1933
28 exhibitions
Bernard Gussow
American, 1881–1957
1 exhibition
William Glackens
American, 1870–1938
12 exhibitions
Wanda Gág
American, 1893–1946
6 exhibitions
Adolf Dehn
American, 1895–1968
17 exhibitions
Howard Cook
American, 1901–1980
6 exhibitions
Eugene Berman
American, born Russia. 1899–1972
38 exhibitions
A. S. Baylinson
American, born Russia. 1882–1950
2 exhibitions
Peggy Bacon
American, 1895–1987
18 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


25 March 1942

EXHIBITION OPENS FOR ABSTRACT ART; Most of Works in New Show at Museum of Modern Art Are Recent Accessions SOME OF THE ITEMS GIFTS Exhibit Is Intended to Make Clear Various Phases of 20th Century Development

By Edward Alden JEWELL

The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West Fifty-third Street, that hive of exhibition industry, presents another show to the public today. Last week's offering, the Henri Rousseau retrospective, seems to be doing nicely. The new attraction, scheduled to continue for an indefinite period, is installed in adjacent galleries on the second floor.

New York Times • page 26 • 725 words